Welcome to Mylife4me. We’re assuming that by hitting the view button you’re interested in learning more about or perhaps have concerns about your own or someone else’s drug or alcohol use.

This site is not about telling you what to do. Taking drugs or drinking is about personal choice. Whether you make a right or wrong decision is based around what you know (or perhaps think you know). This site is all about helping to improve your awareness and make better informed choices.

The site is spilt into 4 sections;

  • Information that tells you about the effects of drugs and ways in which these can be minimised (though there’s no such thing as a safe drug!)
  • What help is out there and where you can get it from
  • What you can do to help yourself
  • Read about the experiences of other people who had drug and alcohol problems who’ve been there, seen it and done it – and in some cases made the film as you can see in some of the videos!

So kick your shoes off, put the kettle on and read on……



The 1st March 2015 sees the biggest change in service delivery for Birmingham, the new provider - Reach Out Recovery will go live.  We are in full support of the change and look forward to seeing the new and exciting developments as the service gets going over the coming months.  Look out for the Reach Out Recovery sign near you.


Breaking free online

Breaking Free Online

Breaking Free Online is an online treatment and recovery programme that allows people to resolve the psychological and lifestyle issues that drive their use of alcohol or drugs, and so conquer their dependence once and for all!!

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Reach Out Recovery Services go live!!

Call: 0121 227 5890